The Tang Dynasty the actor of dub of uncle Shi Gaozhi with old the richest duck dies die at the age of is 96 years old

According to foreign media coverage, once was in charge of be the Tang Dynasty the actor Alan Young of dub of old duck of Mack of Shi Gaozhi of old duck uncle dies, die at the age of is 96 years old.

Alan Young go up oneself 80 time begin the century to be in cartoon the Tang Dynasty the uncle Shi Gaozhi of old duck dub of Mack old duck, the fictitious part in this cartoon still once obtained Forbes the first of seniority of fictitious character fortune.

Alan Young ever also was PSP ” regnal heart: Be born in the dream ” and ” the Tang Dynasty old duck takes a risk to weigh plate making greatly ” dub, cartoon ” Mi Ji is clever fine house ” medium Shigaozhi Mack old duck also is the organ that comes from him.

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