Zhu Ting leads Wajifu 24 minutes 3

Login register Zhu Ting of text of news of sports of center of news of the network austral Fujian 24 minutes to lead Wajifu does earth of 3-0 sweep anything away exceed strong opponent to enter: of origin of Ou Guan final?  grow thoroughfare?2017-04-24 09:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Netease sports reported on April 23:

Semifinal of league matches of coronal of Europe of women’s volleyball of 2016-2017 sports season is contended for, turkey heart compares battle, the bank is opposite the Wajifu of effectiveness of bright red graceful a Yisajibaxi, fall continuously 3 bureaus win victory with 25-20, 26-24 and 25-22. This battle takes Zhu Ting to notch for full-court king, attack 22 minutes of block 2 minutes among them.

Group of bank Europe coronal surpasses Wajifu 6 Lian Sheng ranks the first, 6 strong competition beat world of Swiss Su Li to be hit into 4 strong. With Wajifu the bank is the same as the Yisajibaxi that is in a group, 4 get the better of the 2 groups that lose a rank the 2nd, 6 strong competition wash out Feineiba to cut, with Wajifu bank again fight hand to hand. This sports season up to now Wajifu the bank has surprised with Yi Sa Ba Xi fight hand to hand 5, suffer a defeat besides semifinal of world all cup outside, two bouts and Europe coronal group surpass league matches two all triumph. This battle bank head sends Wajifu, main attack Zhu Ting, Hill, deputy attack Laxiji, Akeman, reinforce Siluoteyesi, the 2 at present that pass offer and free person abstruse case. Yi Saji Baxi respect, the foreign aids such as Bosikeweisi, Kesheliewa all head give out.

Head come on the bureau, wajifu the bank takes the lead in holding active, bureau precede with respect to 5-1. Aggression of bright red graceful is procurable, the bank is in Wajifu the advantage in the contention on the net is clear, siluoteyesi is attacked one after another procurable, although Zhu Ting has a few to serve with aggression error, but team whole aggression is very suitable, a overcomes graceful quick attack to be broken through easily, do not cross Yisajibaxi or chase after closely do not abandon, bank request suspends the Wajifu when 13-8. Bilateral score rises alternately after time-out, the Wajifu when the 2nd times the technology pauses bank 16-10 is banner. The bank maintains Wajifu efficient attack, after Zhu Ting is changed by Gaocide, the bank attacks Wajifu for a time suffocate suffocate, yisajibaxi chases after 20-22 for a time. Bureau end phase the bank controls Wajifu afresh situation, connect so that forestall his opponent by a show of strength 3 minutes with 25-20. Zhu Ting of the first bureau gets 4 minutes, attack 3 minutes of block 1 minute among them.

The 2nd bureau the bank opens Wajifu the bureau is adverse, block round of serious error again and again, aggression is barred dead continuously by adversary, come up to lag behind with respect to 0-6. Zhu Ting lives net drive, wajifu bank 2-8 lags behind into pause into first time technology. The bank loses the Wajifu after 3-8 3 minutes repeatedly again, 3-11 requests suspension again. The bank cannot cast off Wajifu passive situation, aggression is barred one after another block not fortify, zhu Ting is changed again end. The Wajifu after 5-15 the bank notchs continuously, narrow cent is differred gradually, the 2nd times th上海夜网论坛

e technology suspends chasing after 9-16. Zhu Ting returns a light condole of the take by storm after going up to notch continuously, the bank jumps over Wajifu Zhan Yueyong, implementation of bureau end phase exceeds instead, throw into confusion Yisajibaxi’s rhythm, win victory with changeover of 26-24 the latercomers surpass the formers. Zhu Ting of the 2nd bureau attacks 9 minutes of block 1 minute, add up to takes below 10 minutes.

The 3rd bureau the bank is opening Wajifu below the circumstance with bureau backward 0-3, in Zhu Ting guide fall to take fraction continuously, chase after very quickly to 5 smooth. Bilateral score rises alternately, war comes take by storm of 11 the Z上海龙凤论坛sh1f

hu Ting after making the same score are procurable, wajifu bank two-men block notchs, outside of Yi Saji Ba Xi error, wajifu bank 14-11 is banner force adve上海千花网交友

rsary to pause. Yisajibaxiliande is chased after 3 minutes to 14 smooth, after take by storm of bright red graceful is procurable, laxiji serves notch, bank 16-14 enters Wajifu the 2nd times the technology pauses. 16 the bank takes the Wajifu after making the same score 3 minutes repeatedly, gradually establishment dominant position, the take by storm of back row of Zhu Ting of the moment of truth of 22-21 is procurable上海贵族宝贝

, it is to strike back after 23-22 outside of back row hatchet man, bank 24-22 obtains Wajifu game ball. As o爱上海同城对对碰

utside of hatchet man of bright red graceful, wajifu bank 25-22 wins victory, total score 3-0 washs out Yisajibaxi to rush into finals. Zhu Ting of the 3rd bureau gets 10 minutes in aggression end again, full-cou上海千花社区

rt is become 24 minutes notch most player.

Finals the bank will be opposite Wajifu an E Chaohao Menmosikedina rub the winner with the Liyanuo inside division of Amphitryon Italy team.

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