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White sugar generally speaking its expiration period is longer, also want to notice saved method of course, want to be put in ventilated and dry place to undertake saving. Especially summer when, weather is hotter, humidity is bigger, it is good to must notice white sugar is sealed at that time, sealed and bad, bring about white sugar very easily to appear the phenomenon that agglomerate, and sealed and bad to still can cause a bacterium to cause, meet those who bring about mite of a few bug appear, such white sugar had better not eat again.

How is white sugar summer saved

How is white sugar summer saved

1, dry place is airtight save or freezer cold storage is airtight save. Modulation beverage or when making food of cold and dressed with sause, the edible after heating, if boiling water heats 3 minutes.

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2, white sugar does not wantFall in love with the sea

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Save or freezer cold storage is saved.

3, the white sugar that does not suggest to buy bulk. Pick old brand, packet is installed, normal bazaar supermarket is bought.

4, the kitchen keeps clean.

5, pet carries transmission of the bug that take mite easily, the family that raises pet should give them frequently to bathe, clean, reduce pet patronage kitchen.

How is white sugar summer saved

How to choose white sugar

1, white saccharic exterior is dry inattentive, white, luster, smooth booth should not see apparent macula on white paper, by grain cent has thick bead, big bead, medium the cent of bead, granule, grain is even, grain has glitter, outline1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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2, grain of soft white sugar is petty, even, color whiteness, whiter saccharic Yi Rong at water, apply to etc of general drink, mug-up candy makes provision.

3, brown granulated sugar shows grainFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Shape or pulverous shape, dry and inattentive, do not agglomerate, do not become a group, without foreign matter, its aqueous solution is clear, without precipitation, without suspension content. Contain foreign matter to wait, the exterior is not white, the quality that becomes a group is poorer.

The battalion nurturance of white sugar is divided

Contain a lot ofinside Bai Sha candy have fructose and dextrose, still contain the part such as a variety of amino acid, calcic, phosphor, iron and vitamin B additionally. Sugar cane syrup is abstracted directly and Bai Sha candy perhaps is become by beet, and one of main nutrition origin that candy cent is human body, human body uses up the heat energy of the generation after wanting to oxidize with candy to maintain, human bodyA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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The energy that mobile place needs has 70% about is supply relying on candy.

1, candy of proper edible Bai Sha, conduce to those who raise airframe to pledge to calcium absorbing, but if cross much edible, with respect to the absorption of can cloggy calcium.

How is white sugar summer saved

2, fructose and dextrose basically are inside Bai Sha candy, can decompose humanness body to provide energy directly, maintain the function such as the heart and neurological normal function, detoxify that protect liver.

3, medicine considers to discover now, bai Sha candy can change the rate that cut cicatrizations, have the effect that grows to stimulative organization cell.

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