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The female is in the food of menstruation is very important, because menstruation affects the female’s mood, having a few food however also is to prohibit be in of menstruation edible. The food that must recuperate good woman in menstruation so writtens guarantee, often can take the matter of nutrition of a few compensatory bodies, for instance protein content compares rich food, egg1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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With grandma and so on is possible, and the fruit also is the fruit that need avoids to take a few cool sexes. The hawkthorn influence to menstruation?

The hawkthorn influence to menstruation

One, period can eat hawkthorn after all

Hawkthorn has invigorate the circulation of blood to change the intention of Yu, if be Yu having blood,the dysmenorrhoea that cause is mixedA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Menstruation is not moved, hawkthorn taking a place can alleviate symptom. Hematic silt dysmenorrhoea often is behaved for go by before day or 2 classics 1 ~ produces the 1st ~ 2 days alvine ache, need classics blood when eduction is fluent, reduce gradually sorelyLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Color is dark, companion has clot, short of the desirable and complete Xian Shan that take a nucleus 1000 grams, abluent hind add right amount water, slow fire infusion comes hawkthorn is know sth thoroughly, join brown sugar 250 grams, again infusion 10 minutes, wait for its to become rare mushy can. Before classics 3 ~ begin 5 days to take, daily time eats hawkthorn mashed vegetable or fruit each 30 milliliter, till classics hind stops 3 days to take1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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With, this is a period of treatment, take 3 period of treatment to be able to see the effect repeatedly. But toSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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For the female with normal period, period had better eat less or do not eat hawkthorn.

The hawkthorn influence to menstruation

2, hawkthorn edible note

1, unfavorable eat more: As a result of the characteristic of hawkthorn, be in so edible when, still have a few notes. Be like: Unfavorable edible is overmuch, hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is secreted overmuch person reach taste empty weak careful feed.

The hawkthorn influence to menstruation

2, pregnant woman diet: Hawkthorn has lousy morale effect, eat much meeting waste time is angry, affect the health of pregnant woman and fetal growth. At the same time hawkthorn still can strengthen uterine systole, can cause premature delivery or abort, because of diet of this pregnant woman.

3, unfavorable invigorator takes together: Should not be with hawkthorn tea take at the same time with the invigorator such as ginseng.

4, the tooth is ill person careful eat: Hawkthorn contains ache slightly saccharide, it is strong caustic, what can corrode a tooth is ganoid, cause dental caries, aggravating tooth is ill, the person that because this suffers from,have tooth disease careful eat hawkthorn.

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