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The vitality of pumpkin is very tenacious, although,accordingly this brings about pumpkinShanghai noble baby

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Low-cost, although very common, but the nutrition of pumpkin is very rich however, the time that takes not quite in commissariat especially, everybody can treat pumpkin as staple food comes of edible, of pumpkin having a way also is very much, pumpkin not only OK and direct edible, still can use packet of dumpling to perhaps wrap steamed stuffed bun, flavour and nutrition are very delicate, how is that pumpkin defect moved?

 How is pumpkin defect moved

How is pumpkin defect moved

The first, the pumpkin that buys cuts below one paragraph, wash, draw out flesh. Attention, pumpkin can give water, the appetite of calculate family chooses the size of pumpkin, remain put aside OK, can put a few days.

The 2nd, pumpkin should brush silk first, the eraser in using the home is OK. If pumpkin is big, can dissection brush. After brushing silk, in on a bit salt is spilled above whole silk. This is to force the water in divides a pumpkin.

The 3rd, chop a few knives. At this moment, pumpkin can send fade quickly because of saline reason. You can grasp water. Use bit of effort, pumpkin stuffing child grasp each dish doughboy. Put pumpkin doughboy corresponding in container.

The 4th, the green that buys abluent, mincing end, want many a little bit, cut mix green and pumpkinSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Close together, place at the same time.

The 5th, mix up meat stuffing, the attention adds area of bit of Chinese prickly ash. Add end of a bit ginger. Mix is even, put pumpkin stuffing child in. Add oil next, salt, mix is even, put aside.

The 6th, had rubbed the face first, again stuffing child agitate, for stuffing child more even. face agent child had done, can begin to wrap boiled dumpling. Can water of a bit faster, precaution assigns rate come out more, summertime bag is over to issue boiled dumpling immediately, otherwise holds easy let the cat out of the bag.

 How is pumpkin defect moved

Can darling eat pumpkin

Darling can eat pumpkin. Pumpkin nutrition is rich, darling edible can enhance oneself immunity power not only, still can promote grow development, help treasureNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Treasure ablactations.

1, enhance darling immunity power

Pumpkin contains E of rich vitamin A, vitamin, can make darling improves airframe immunity force, have profit greatly to enhancing a constitution. The β that pumpkin place contains carotene, a of vitamin of the translate into after can be being absorbed by human body. The β that additionally pumpkin pumpkin place contains carotene, it is normal to can help exudation, make darling grows development maintains health.

2, help darling ablactations

Pumpkin is usable at ablactationing alimental is made, because it contains substantial candy component, digest more easily absorb. Pumpkin nutrition value is higher, outside dividing make it soup, paste, still can boil congee, steamed wheaten foods, boil make, cook etc. To ablactationing the darling of level, add pumpkin complementary feed in the center, not only of benefit Yu Baobao absorb, contain what much nutrient material also is helpful for darling to grow among them.

 How is pumpkin defect moved

What person cannot eat pumpkin

(1)A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
The stomach heats up patient diet

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The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the stomach heats up patient appropriate to eat food of cold cool sex, and the pumpkin sex of autumn is tepid, can aggravating stomach is hot after the stomach heats up patient edible pumpkin, aggravating illness.

(2) heats up clap person diet

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, heat drenchs affect inflammation be caused by for urology, cold cool clear heat should be fed to know drenched thing on food, and pumpkin belongs to tepid sex food, heat up clap person diet.

(The person diet with allergic to pumpkin 3)Forum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net

Pumpkin becomes allergen likely also, if be allergic to pumpkin word, edible pumpkin causes the skin possibly red, regular diarrhoea, dyspeptic, have a headache, the hypersensitive shape such as guttural ache, asthma, so this kind of crowd also should avoid edible pumpkin.

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